Switchable Privacy Glass- Advantages

Save energy

Smart glass technology minimizes heat transfer. Helps reduce your heating and cooling costs by up to 40%!


Reduce sound

Smart glass acts like a buffer against noise pollution from the outside world, so you can enjoy  peace and quiet in your home or office.

Cut down on clutter

Eliminate traditional blinds and window coverings to create a sleek, minimalist aesthetic look in your home or office.

Protect your home

Tough construction provides added safety and security. UV protection shields your interior furnishings from the sun’s harmful rays.

Designed for high-traffic, high-moisture areas,easy to install for any glazier,provides a barrier against break-insand inclement weather,also can be used as a white board and rear projection screen.

switchable glass (2) switchable glass (3) switchable glass (4)


Bathrooms/Shower enclosures


Conference rooms

Hospital (nurseries, emergency rooms, ICUs, operation rooms)

Hurricane resistant windows

Optical shutters

Projection displays (REAR PROJECTION ONLY)

Residential enclosures

Security windows


smart glass (1) smart glass (2) smart glass (3)