Switchable PDLC Film Product  Advantages

1,UV resist and privacy, Resist 99% of UV rays
2,Privacy:Shading, cooling, energy saving and environmental protection;
3,Energy efficient, resist 70% heat radiation and electricity saving
4,widely usage: it can be used on clear glass for commercial or residential usage
5,Easy installation. Just peel and stick with wirings and busbar

6.Explosion Proof:When our glass is broken by external forces, it will stay on the original frame so that the people nearby will not be injured.

7.Elevate Space: No need blinds,shapes,curtains and drapes,which requires washing regularly. Enjoy more open spaces as well as privacy. just with a flick of button, glass dims from transparent to opaque.

8.Save Cost:Though the curtains block out most of the light but the light still comes affecting temperature. Switch smart glass will save cost on air conditioning charge for its insulation and blocks of 99% UV light,reducing the temperature inside house and enjoy cooling.

9.Projection screen: it’s multi functional, use rear projection screen as home theater,or shopping window advertising,office and school projection when it’s opaque.

10.Make it Simple:Streamline the cleaning and maintenance associated with traditional windows and window coverings. With a mobile app to control clear and opaque.

11.Long life time: it can be used at least 10 years, it deserves invest for its modern convenience.