Black Smart Film

Black Smart Film

Grey Smart film

Grey Color:ON/63%±0.55,OFF/3%

Blue smart film

Blue Color:ON/62%±0.5%,OFF/4%

Green smart film

Green Color: ON/62%±0.5%,OFF/4%

Pink Smart film

Pink Color:ON/65%±0.5%,OFF/4%

White Smart Film

White color:ON/80%±1%,OFF/3%

Switchable PDLC Film Advantages

switchable pdlc film and switchable glass advantages

Switchable Lamination Film

Switchable Lamination Film For Fabricators and Glass Manufacturers – Changes From Clear to Opaque Instantly. Switchable lamination film is a switchable interlayer suitable for glass manufacturers and custom applications. Switchable Glass structure:   Glass size and film size advice: Smart glass lamination steps:      

Switchable Film Format

Smart Film Roll, pdlc film roll, switchable film roll,lcd film roll