A transparent LED screen is a display technology that uses light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to produce an image. The light emitted from the LEDs is projected onto a transparent surface. And this transparency allows visibility from both sides of the screen. Transparent LED Screens are perfect for interactive displays.

Adhesive LED Film Display
The transparent LED video film is self-adhesive, so as to it can be easily attached to the existing railing glass or window surface without any complicated additional steel structure.

Them it makes the installation extremely convenient, because it does not require complicated construction, saves labor costs, and the wiring of power and signals is also very easy and can be hidden naturally.

This is a great innovation to the glass. It adds a rich visual experience without having to renovate the glass space vigorously.

Comparison between film and normal display

ItemAdhesive Transparent LED FilmStructure Transparent LED DisplayConventional LED Screen
Weight≤3.5 kg/m²≤10 kg/m²≤35 kg/m²
Screen Thickness≤3 mm≤10 mmaround 100mm incl power box
Powerbox Thickness60 mm80mmaround 100mm incl power box
Transparency Rate60% ~ 97%60% ~ 90%0
Installation WayAdhesive to glass (No need frame)Fixed / HangingFixed
External StructureNot neededSimple frameHeavy frame
FlexibleBendableCustomized for a certain angleCustomized for a certain angle
PCBInvisible (Thin film circuit)Traditional PCBTraditional PCB
Drive ModeStatic driveDynamic scanningDynamic scanning/Static
Heat DissipationNatural coolingNatural coolingFan
Impact on the original structure No impactMedium impactBig impact
Maintenance wayTear off film from glassTake off panelTake off module
Pixel pitchP6, P8, P10, P20, P30, P40P1.9/3.9, P2.8/5.6, P3.9/7.8, P10.4,P15.6P0.9~P10, no restriction
Resistance to fall, crack, collision and duskYesNo (Yes if with GOB)No (Yes if with GOB)
WaterproofIP65 for film surfaceIP30 / IP65 for some modelsIP30 / IP65

Advantages of the Transparent LED Adhesive Film screen

1)Adhesive to glass + Ultra-thin
This is the latest transparent screen technology. By the way, the led adhesive film can also adhere to glass by using a special glue. In addition to the glass, there is no need for an additional support frame, and it perfectly demonstrates all the advantages of the transparent screen.

2)High Definition + High Gray Scale
The highest resolution of ordinary transparent screens IS P1.9/3.8.

High Transparency + High Brightness
With the help of a reasonable layout of LED diodes and the principle of light diffraction, You can say that the transmittance is close to 100%. For any other ordinary transparent screens, this is unimaginable.