Smart PDLC Film Is a new type of electronic light control products, A mixture of polymer dispersed liquid crystals  is sandwiched between the two ITO conductive membranes, which are reticulated and filled with liquid crystal droplets made up of liquid crystals in the voids.

Smart PDLC Film working Principle :

pdlc technology work principle

pdlc technology work principle

When alternating current is achieved, the liquid crystal molecules are arranged in an orderly manner, and the electro-dimming film is converted from an opaque state (off state) to a transparent state (on state). Through the action of electric field, it is possible to realize the rapid conversion between open-state, off-state and open state.

Technical data

Two Types of Smart PDLC Film :

smart glass

Non adhesive smart film is used for Smart glass lamination. It is laminated between two pieces of Glass,then finished product is switchable smart glass .

adhesive smart film.

Self adhesive smart film is used for existing glass decorative, belongs to renovation projects. It is with self adhesive layer, can paste on glass surface directly, then common glass with switchable function and can be projected .


Available Formats and Measurements of each type Smart PDLC Film:

Roll format and Piece format :

Roll format with busbar/electrodes before shipment. 

Piece format with busbar/electrodes which is made as request. It is ready for installation before shipment. 

Smart roll and switchable film piece format

Smart roll and switchable film piece format

Attn: If project need special customized Roll format and Piece format is out of above measurements, please contact us for further information.

Available Smart PDLC Film piece shape:

available smart film piece shape

Black Smart Film

Black Smart Film

Grey Smart film

Grey Color:ON/50%±0.5% ,OFF/3%

Blue smart film

Blue Color:ON/62%±0.5%,OFF/4%

Green smart film

Green Color: ON/62%±0.5%,OFF/4%

Pink Smart film

Pink Color:ON/65%±0.5%,OFF/4%

White Smart Film

White color:ON/80%±1%,OFF/3%