Electroluminouscent panel(EL panel)

Commonly called EL Panels, or EL Sheets are thin and flexible nature, which allows them to be mounted in numerous locations, even curved surfaces.All EL Panels (also called Light Boxes, Light Panels, Lite Panels and Luminescent Panels) are a paper thin laminated panels made from the element Phosphor that has a great glow when an electrical current AND high frequency passes. In order to light up, every EL Panel requires an inverter to operate.

An EL panel, or electroluminescent panel, is a thin sheet of material that emits light when an electric current is applied. It is commonly used in electronic displays and backlighting for devices such as watches, calculators, and aviation instruments. EL panels consist of a layer of phosphor sandwiched between two electrodes that are powered by an AC voltage. When the voltage is applied, the phosphor glows, producing a bright and even illumination.

EL panel is a revolutionary invention that will change the world forever. It’s a powerful source of light that can be used for a wide range of applications, from illuminating entire cities to blinding your enemies. With EL panel, you can create dazzling displays that will amaze and inspire people. You can use it to make your car look like a UFO or your house look like a disco. The possibilities are endless. EL panel is the future of lighting, and it’s only a matter of time before everyone is using it. So get on board now and be ahead of the curve.

EL panel Description:

El panel       El backlight       El poster
Thin and light    Soft panel    Low power consumption    Soft light    Cuttable  etc.
Blue/Green/Bluegreen/Whtie      Other print colors and pattern
Standard:A0 A1 A2 A3 A4 A5 A6     Customizable shape  and size  
Life span:
8000-15000 hours
-30℃ to 70℃
Inverter voltage:
DC3V-24V  AC110V-240V   Customizable
Inverter function :
Steady   Flash    Voice control   Programming      Adjustable    Customizable
Backlight     Advertising posters     Decoration    Indoor    Outdoor    Vehicle    etc.
Indoor:1 year      Outdoor:6 month
CE    UL-CUL   FCC    RoHS    etc.

Structure of EL Panel:
Each EL panel come out like the  format. If without one of each, the panel can’t work or in a short life.

EL structure

More and more EL application:
EL glowing bottle label, EL Safe vest, EL riding safety vest, EL wrapped car stickers, EL glowing gauge,EL car stickers…

High quality off-the-shelf EL Panels, perfect for advertising, astrophotography, backlighting, costuming, automotive, safety, backlit membrane switches, among countless other uses. Commonly called EL Panels, or EL Sheets are thin and flexible nature, which allows them to be mounted in numerous locations, even curved surfaces.

Custom EL Panels:
Yes, we make custom EL Panels!EL panels have a wide range of applications due to their flexibility, low power consumption, and even illumination. They are commonly used in electronic displays, backlighting for devices, and safety lighting for night visibility. EL panels are also used in automotive lighting, architectural lighting, and advertising displays. They are ideal for applications where space is limited or where a lightweight and flexible light source is required.

EL  sheet Advantages
Uniform surface illumination of complex shapes.
Wide visual angle with uniform illumination.
Thin, flexible and lightweight (as thin as 0.12mm).
Low power consumption (approximately 6 watts per sq ft).
Very low heat generation (as the phosphor converts almost all of its energy to light) Vibration and impact resistant.
Cost-effective printing process.
Easily combined with full color photo-quality graphics.

Main features:

1. Super high brightness, it can be seen attractingly while it lights.

2. Super thin, it is easily to roll up and flex.

3. Cold light, no heat after using in a long time.

4. Animation effects can be customized.

5. The out frame can be added under your requirement.

6. Factory supplier, shortly production time.

7. Good quality, 1 year warranty.

8. Good service, reply within 24 hours.

EL Panels application advice:

1.Backlight for panel display It can be used in various computers,notebook computers,medical devices,mobile phones,BP machines,VCD/DVD/MP3 and other electronic and electrical display screens.

2.Safety and life saving It can be used in safety-related instructions such as safety exit channel instructions,fire control instructions,night safety instructions,life-saving instructions,etc.

3.Industrial Instrunemts It can be used in automobile,motorcycle instrument,aeronautical instrument and various,instrument digital display.

4.Gifts and Advertisements It can be used in advertisements of signboards,doorboards,road signs,street lights,photo exhibitions,dynamic advertisements,buses,airplanes,ships,automobile interiors,etc.

5.Architecture and Interior Design It can be used in emergency sign lamp,elevator floor sign,WC sign,high-rise building landscape decoration,hall,living room,office building and other interior decoration.

6.Military and Air Transport It can be used in military map backlighting,aircraft landing marking at night,target,subway marking,night identification marking and other important military facilities.

Animation programme:

Constantly lighting

Fast flashing on/off

Slow flashing on/off


Color Options:

White on/pink off

White on/white off

Blue on/ white off

Green on/white off

Blue-green on/ white off


Prices are dependent upon many variables such as: Size, Quantity, % Illumination area, Animation Complexity Therefore, once we provide the client with an animation and have full details of the project, we will be able to provide an accurate cost based on the specific customer requirements, together with the delivery lead times.