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Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal Technology

Glass changes Transparent to Opaque by flick of a switch

What’s PDLC Technology?

PDLC Stands for polymer dispersed liquid crystal. Liquid crystals are well known for flat panel dispalys. Liquid crstal display,LCD is the most popular flat panel displays which are applied in daily use products such as protable comptuer,ceelular phones,calculators,digital clocks and watches. Etc. In LCD,electricity is used to change the shape of liquid crystals to allow light to pass through and thus forming colors,images,figures and numbers on the displays.


In polymer dispersed liquid crystal ,it is just simply a combined application of polymers and liquid crystals. Liquid crstals respond to an electric charge. When current flows,each crystal droplet is activated to align parallel permitting light passes through resulting in transparency. When electrical charge is absent, liquid crystals droplets are randomly oriented. Light is heavily scattered. It does not permeate in a straight way and thus, resulting in opaque.


Electrically Smart Film and Smart Glass

Use them where you want: any glass & any application

Switchable Smart Film and Privacy Smart Glass

* Can be used for interior and exterior glass applications.

*Switches from clear to opaque in less than a second.

* Run on  voltage:65V ac/110Vac

*Available in a self-adhesive switchable film that can be applied on existing windows and laminated smart glass

*Provides total privacy in its opaque state(can not see through it)

smart PDLC Film power on