Smart glass/film consists of two layers between which there are liquid crystals. In the off-state glass/film forms a matt white opaque surface, because the crystals are in a chaotic state. Under the influence of the current, the crystals take parallel position and then again becomes transparent glass, freely letting light into the room.

Areas of use:
Accommodations: houses, flats, apartments
Business: meeting rooms, offices, banks, shops, shop windows
Sports facilities: GYM, SPA, treatment rooms
Cars exterior: windows, interior glass-partitions
Restaurants, bars, clubs: VIP room
Advertising: unusual advertising platforms
Any room which are needs the highest level of privacy
The main advantages of smart film:
Control of UV radiation in your room
Modern alternative and a perfect complement to the curtains / blinds
Complete privacy- just push the button
Resistant to degradation, has high strength
It has not distinguishing operating conditions

Power consumption: Not more than 3.7W / m 2
Supply voltage: 48VAC/65VAC/110 VAC
Switching from matt to clear: less than 1 second
Operating temperature range: -20 ° C to + 60 ° C
Light transmission: 80% in a transparent state
Opacity: over 90% in the enabled state, at least 8% off
Material: PET-ITO conductive film (layer 2) + liquid crystal layer (LCD) between them