Thermo Heat Glass-Anti-Condensation Glass

Anti-Condensation Glass/Thermo heated glass is an innovative product that is not only suitable for autumn and winter, but also a good heating option.

Anti-condensation :For double-glazing with especially good thermal insulation properties: our special coatingthat prevents the outer pane fromfogging up and therefore allows for unimpeded transparency in all weather conditions.

The Thermo heated glass has a special coating that acts as a heating element. This coating guides light like float glass while saving energy. In this way, the heat loss is reduced to 30%, and the interior becomes more comfortable and warm. Heated glass eliminates some of the discomfort and other problems associated with the low thermal insulation of float glass and can be used in a variety of standard glass systems made of wood, plastic, aluminum or steel.Coating that prevents windows and shopfronts from fogging up

The outstanding thermal insulation properties of modern double-glazing mean that these windows can sometimes become fogged up on the outer pane. It changes the dew point of the glass’s surface and therefore its wetting behaviour: condensation is almost completely prevented from forming on the outer surface.

ITO transparent electrically heating glassThe idea of thermo heating glass is based on using energy-saving coatings made of metal oxides as heating elements. This option can be used to manufacture laminated glass and additionally as a safety glass panel. All the production processes for making heated glass panels are practically the same as the laminated glass process.

The main difference is the power bus and temperature sensor, which control the heating temperature of the glass and prevent it from overheating. To minimize any damage, the conductive coating is always inside the laminated glass panels.

When a power source is connected to two electrodes located at each end of the pane, the glass coating converts the electrical energy into heat. The glass is heated to a temperature of 20-40°C (even if the outside temperature is below -30°C), creating a pleasant heat on its surface. For our heated glass, we use tempered glass which is much stronger than float glass. In some cases of failure or damage, the glass coating loses its integrity, activating an automatic fuse which cuts off the power to heat the glass.

electrically heated glass working principle

Heated glass Features
1)Functionality:single or additional heating source,
full transparency,
insulation against heat losses,many opportunities to combine with other magic film products including the switchable privacy glass.
2)Durability:due to the tempering process and laminating,ecological materials,installation does not require any maintenance,
3)Sound insulation:reduction of noise in a room,
4)Innovative factors:additional sensor of an alarm system,high power,even heat distribution over all surface of a glass panel.

Transparent Electrical heated glass Application:
roof windows
glazing commercial buildings
performance and sports halls, swimming pools
hotels and restaurants

Aesthetics: Unimpeded transparency in all weather conditions; non-tinted appearance
Function: Prevents persistent fogging of outer pane
Usage Coating for use in double-glazing with an especially high Ug value.

Technical Specification
Max Size:3300 x 2400 mm
Thickness:3mm up to 300mm (multilayer laminated glass)
Color:Wide range of different color – Sandplasting, Screenprinting
Shapes:Any shapes – incl. holes and cut-outs
Glass-Type:Float, tempered, coated, IGU, switchable
Power:12VDC – 380VAC
Anti– 30℃
Condensation:– 100-300W/m2
Add.– 40 ℃
Heater:– 200-400W/m2
Main– 60 ℃
Heater:– 200-600W/m2
Anti Snow and Ice:– 80 ℃
– 400-800W/m2