Transparent ITO PET Electrically Heated Film

ITO-coated PET films can be used in a number of different applications due to their high optical transmission and conductivity. They can be used in liquid crystal devices to provide a transparent,conductive layer that accepts the applied voltage used to realign the liquid crystal cells.

Transparent heaters take advantage of  thin-film technology and know how to prevent dew
condensation, accumulation of snowfall and frost on objects that require high transparency, such as cameras
and windows. Transparent heaters are perfect for environments that require temperature control.

ITO Heater ITO Transparent Heating Film Use for Helmet Demisting technical data:
power: custom made
thickness: 1~5mm
Voltage :3.7~220V
Flammability rating:UL-94 V0
Withstand voltage strength :1500VAC/60s
Insulation resistance: ≥50mΩ
Operating temperature :-40~300°C
Custom size: 500*1000m

thin transparent ITO pet film heater with back adhesive electric heating pad for LCD monitor and 3D printers Features:
1.The visible transparency is up to 85%, higher than that of traditional glass.
2.No harmful effects from glare. When attached to a screen, the transparent film heating element [maintains] a good image quality.
3.Lightweight and ultra thin. Heats up quickly and evenly, can reach the temperature (50ºC) as set, and withstand a temperature up to 120ºC.
4.It can be self adhesive, is space-saving, and is easy and convenient to operate.
5.Any dimension, specification or shape can be developed and customized as per the requirements of customers.
6.Voltage can be set from 1.5V to 380V for design and production.
Can be used to defog automobile glass, optical lenses, LCD displays, cameras, glasses, gauges, indoor or outdoor instrumentation, etc. Can also be used in a wide variety of ways.

For new product development, the Heatact Super Conductive Heating team continually raises the bar of technological progress, and synchronizes this with customer expectations. We have the most complete range of tools for producing heaters, and heating elements in the country.
The film heating element is very fast and safe for the heating curve on the surface of the entire heating object of a product with the construction of an ultra thin film heating element. It won’t affect any sight line with the high-performance or common double sided adhesive backing stuck onto both sides. The penetrability is above 70%~80%.

Application of ITO-coated PET films :

1) They can be used in liquid crystal devices to provide a transparent, conductive layer that accepts the applied voltage used to realign the liquid crystal cells.

2) The sheets are also commonly used as components for touchscreens, position sensors, electroluminescent lamps, and electrophoretic displays, as well as in electromagnetic shielding applications.

ITO transparent film heating film, auto glass, optical lens, LCD screen, indoor and outdoor instrumentation, bathroom mirror defog, TV defog, rear view mirror defog, hard hat lens, windshield, dashboard, industrial screen, outdoor calculator, outdoor computer, camera, glasses, mirrors and other defog, as well as a wider combination of product applications.

1.Maintain visibility by eliminating dewcondensation and accumulation of snowfall and frost.

A transparent heater can be applied to cameras, train windows, and other transparent parts. They are effective at preventing dew condensation and accumulation of snowfall and frost. This helps maintain excellent visibility.

2.Maintaining consistent temperature across the entire surface.

Transparent heaters maintain a consistent level of heat over the entire object, making them perfect for preserving visibility when full transparency is required.They can also be used for the heating stage of microscopes and in medical or biological experiments.

3.Clear visibility with a maximum transmittance of over 98% .

Transparent heaters can be applied to an entire surface of glass and are optimum for use in environments and locations that require transparency. With ITO and transparent conductive films for displays or touch screens, it has utilized the knowledge gained as a leader in transparency technology to achieve high transmittance rates.

4.Applicable to not only flat surfaces but a variety of other forms, including curved and semi-circular surfaces.

Regarding materials, they can be used with transparent resins, such as glass and poly-carbonate. In addition to flat surfaces, we can also apply films to curved, domed, and cylindrical (inner and outer) surfaces, as well as other unique shapes, upon consultation. Applicable to a diverse range of needs.

5.Freely customizable to meet conditions such as maximum generated temperatures of 350℃.

We are capable of meeting various customized demands, specification adjustments upon your request, such as power supply, usage environment, heat generation amount and location, or adding electrodes (bus bar), lead wire and terminal parts, etc. In addition, high-performance thin films such as water repellent coatings and hydrophilic coatings can be combined.

Transparent heaters prevent dew condensation and accumulation of snowfall and frost to enhance the visibility of cameras, as well as windows and other objects that require high transparency.

Evenly heats the entire surface to eliminate visibility flaws.The image on the left is normal glass, while the image on
the right is glass with a transparent heater applied and power turned on. This video shows water vaper blown on the glass from an iron to compare levels of condensation. The glass with the transparent heater applied clouds less, prevents dew condensation, and maintains clear visibility.

Ito transparent heater:Preserve clear visibility by preventing clouding from condensation, snowfall and frost.


1)Automobile cameras & Optical sensors:Transparent heaters eliminate clouding of devices like automobile cameras and optical sensors by preventing condensation and accumulation of snowfall or frost. In doing so, they support normal operation of driver safety support systems.

2)Automobile headlights:While driving in areas of snowfall, prevention of snow and dew accumulation on automobile headlights aids safe, reliable driving.

3)Railroad car windows;When using raw polycarbonate materials that are resistant to cracking on train car windows, application of transparent heaters can reduce visibility flaws via anti-snow and anti-dew functions. In addition, they prevent degradation from collision with icicles and contribute to safe operations.

4)Surveillance cameras & Observation cameras

When snow and frost accumulate on surveillance cameras used in cold areas, prevention of dew condensation and clouding contributes to stable performance when devices conduct fixed point observation.

5)Traffic lights & Emergency exit lights

When transparent heaters are applied to traffic lights in areas of heavy snowfall, they prevent condensation from snowfall, frost, and dew. This supports safe road and railroad traffic.

6)Store / Office & Home windows

By applying to window panes, it is possible to prevent frost and clouding due to differences in outdoor temperature. Besides preserving clear visibility, they prevent the breeding of mold due to moisture.

For medical and biological experiments that require heating during observation.

Microscope heating stage:

By combining a transparent heater and temperature sensor to glass in the heating stage, it is possible to adjust the temperature during heating. Since this enables observation during heating, transparent heaters are perfect for medical and biological experiments.