Anti Fog Film/  Mirror Degogger (PET/PVC)

Working principle

Mirror defogger  adhered to the back of a mirror and wired to the power cord, effectively transforms electricity power into heat energy, which is transferred directly to the mirror. Heating up the mirror, effectively prevent from condensation of steam on the mirror surface.

anti fog working effectanti fog odd shape


1. Bathroom Mirrors

Clear Visibility: Prevents fogging after hot showers, ensuring the mirror remains usable.
Convenience: Eliminates the need for wiping or defogging the mirror manually.
Enhanced Aesthetics: Keeps the mirror looking clean and clear, enhancing the bathroom’s appearance.
Example: Installing an anti-fog film on a bathroom mirror keeps it clear even in a steamy bathroom, allowing you to use the mirror immediately after a shower.

2. Fitness Centers and Gyms

Maintained Clarity: Keeps mirrors clear despite the high humidity from showers and steam rooms.
Improved User Experience: Ensures that clients can always see their reflection clearly.
Example: Anti-fog films on mirrors in a gym’s locker room prevent fogging, providing clear visibility for all users.

3. Hotel Bathrooms

Guest Satisfaction: Enhances the guest experience by providing clear mirrors regardless of steam from showers.
Reduced Maintenance: Decreases the need for frequent cleaning or defogging by housekeeping staff.
Example: Hotels can apply anti-fog films to bathroom mirrors to ensure guests always have a clear reflection, improving overall satisfaction.

Anti fog Film Features:

• Product thickness: the thickness film is only 0.4mm, this thickness guarantees the effective transfer of energy.
• Power saving: temperature maintained after the product is powered, effectively saving the electric power
• Strong security: Sustainable quality materials imported guarantees the strong insulation, no power under humid conditions
• Various options: the heating area of the bathroom anti fog mirror film is made in different shapes and sizes such as rectangular, oval, round etc. This not only plays the role of bathroom anti fog mirror film but also meets the personal requirement of creating a more comfortable and beautiful environment.
• Easy to install: the bathroom anti fog mirror film with self-adhesive backing glue, easy to install to mirror and work effectively.

anti fog film shape can be made as requestanti fog film

Anti fog film Installation:

Fix bathroom anti fog mirror film mirror onto the wall 
1. Junction box location: please fix the power supply and junction box in the place shown on the drawing.
2. Mirror support panel: In order to utilize heat energy more effectively, usually apply a 9-18mm thickness plywood panel to support the mirror from wall, In installation situation, the cable lead of bathroom anti fog mirror film may have some surplus length after finished the cable connection. Then we suggest opening a hole on the plywood panel as shown the drawing to hold the cable so that mirror is stable and flat after installation.
3. Cable connection: there is no live pole & neutral pole difference on bathroom anti fog mirror film’s cable, connect the cable with power supply by connector

4. Fix the mirror on wall: apply some neutral silica glue to the plywood panel, and place mirror to the designated position

anti fog film installationanti fog film

Installation Note

1. Pick the correct bathroom anti fog mirror film:
A.The voltage of bathroom anti fog mirror film should adapt to the supply voltage
B.The size of  film should be adapt to the size of glass, should not bigger than the glass size.
2. The bathroom anti fog mirror film should be definitely examined to ensure it is in good condition, no cut or drilled, if any damage, do not install. In addition, make sure the bathroom anti fog mirror film is unbroken after installation finished.
3. Do not drag the wire of bathroom anti fog mirror film.
4. bathroom anti fog mirror film is double insulated eliminating the need for an earth cable
5. Allow 1mm gap all around for mirror expansion if fitting into a wall recess
6. bathroom anti fog mirror film will not tug the power cord to and prevent damage to electronic board

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