LCD Switchable glass

An LCD film is directly applied to glass using fuss-free self-adhesive to minimise mess and ensure a flawless finish. By passing an electrical current through the LCD interlayer, the visibility of the glass completely changes state. The system is operated by either a remote control, or a standard lighting switch. Though, sometimes the film can change state automatically – for example, to regulate the temperature or light in a room, it will change state when necessary.

What are the advantages of switchable glass?


The most obvious advantage of switchable glass is its ability to provide privacy on demand. Modern offices tend to follow the on-trend all glass look ,  there’s usually little privacy when it comes to glass-fronted meeting rooms.

It could be argued that frosted glass is a better permanent option to solve this issue, but for aesthetics purposes, translucent glass is great for providing a brighter, more open-plan feel to an office. With switchable glass, you get the best of both worlds. A great, sleek looking translucent design with the ability to add more privacy when needed.

Low maintenance

Following on from the previous point about switchable glass being a preferable alternative to other fixtures and fittings – is the advantage that it’s a far more low maintenance approach to privacy. Just like any other window, door or partition, switchable glass is easily wiped clean and doesn’t have the risk of collecting dust like traditional office blinds would do over time. There’s also no chance of the glass being stained and needing to be replaced if so.


With the use of smart film any ordinary glass partitions, windows or doors can be converted into smart film glass, by simply applying the film carefully to the pane of glass. This means that in order to benefit from the features of switchable glass, there’s no need to conduct any major construction work and create a disruption in the office by installing brand new purpose-built partitions.

Multiple uses

It can easily be overlooked that switchable glass actually has more than one major use to it.

1)As well as providing privacy, the product can also double up as a projection screen. Once activated, the frosted glass acts as a solid background for projecting presentations or images on to it. This proves to be a great use in meetings or presentations, when a separate projection screen would otherwise be required. It eliminates the need to purchase a projection screen on its own, therefore reducing unnecessary costs and allowing presentations to be made in a sleeker, more luxurious fashion.

Cost effective Have you ever thought about how having changeable glass can actually save you money?

It can be a way of blocking out direct sunlight from a room, minimising the need to use air conditioning to keep the room temperature cool. Not only does it help to stabilise the temperature of the room this way, but by reducing the amount of sunlight entering an area for a certain period of time, there’s less risk that fabric and furniture placed near windows will fade and have to be re-upholstered or replaced.