Self-Adhesive Switchable Smart Film is a unique solution for retrofitting to existing windows, partitions or any flat surface. Smart Film with adhesive layer which can stick on glass window surface directly.

Windows with smart film has a special function: when privacy need, then just click on a switch of power control, then the windows become opaque to keep privacy; when no need privacy situation,then click on off switch of power control,the the windows can become clear back. Switchable function with adjusting window’s transparency. All-in-one combination: high transparent smart film and remote control combination sets.

Smart films has a cling layer, then it can allow you to transform existing glass windows, partitions, acrylic screens, Plexiglas or other transparent surfaces into instant switchable and privacy glass.

smart film off -opaque
Smart film on-clear

Get instant privacy and security with our revolutionary switchable smart window film.