Good news:

We develop new product- Dark Liquid Crystal Smart Film

Dark Liquid Crystal Smart film can change from dark to transparent by a simple flick of switch with less than 1 second, also can be controlled by remote wireless, Dimmable,switchable and Projection-able.

99% UV harmful rays Blocking , Its max width: 1.5 meters, Length no limits, Roll length can be 50 meters long.

Its transparent from 3.5%~35%, It is available for Building and Car applications.

Switchable Smart Glass | Smart Film-we are manufacturer of patented switchable smart glass and film solutions that offers instant and controllable privacy for worldwide.
Smart film Transform any glass to smart glass with our smart films!
Flexibly create privacy or open atmosphere
Control by button or app
In the color variant white, optionally also in gray,dark blue.
Can be retrofitted on all flat glass surfaces
Current-less frosted (visual protection), transparent when current is supplied
Very low power consumption
Available as roll material
Up to 1800 mm width possible
Also for the Automotive sector
Integrated UV filter
Silicone adhesive

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