Switchable smart glass vinyl PDLC Film

Designed to reftrofit to existint transparent glass surfaces,switchable smart window film by magic film factory provides a simple and cost-effective alternative to other switchable film technology.

It is produced with 1 PDLC Layer, 2 ITO Layer films,2PET FIMS AND A SELF ADHESIVE CLING LAYER on one side(peel and stick) which makes it easier to both new and existing lass(no special installation equipments required)

The unique film technology also transforms any glass into a high definition rear projection screen allowing to display video presentations,TV image and videos.  A truly innovative product to make switchable film technology acessisble to everyone while offering your home and buildings with WOW Factor.

Switchable pdlc film advatanges

In addition, this smart switchable pdlc film glass has a response time from 10ms to 50ms for switching between transparent state and opaque state.

This smart privacy glass shows a high degree intelligence. You can choose various intelligent control methods, such as remote control, voice control, and APP control, etc.

When the power is off, this smart privacy glass maintains sufficient light without revealing privacy, and saves lighting electricity. At the same time, this smart switchable pdlc film glass is a double-layer tempered glass design, so its sound insulation performance is stronger than ordinary glass. Using this smart glass, a quiet working environment is easily available.