Smart glass windows working performance:Magic glass is a complete privacy solution. In the private mode, the magic glass panel displays a uniform appearance from edge to edge. Andy while visibility is blocked, the liquid crystal allows light to enter uniformly scattering diffused. when turn off, it is opaque/frost to protect privacy instantly. When turn on, it is clear which is similar to clear glass with high transparency.

Switchable smart glass window is a type of glass that can change its reflective properties to prevent sunlight and heat from entering a building and to also provide privacy.Smart Glass provides an efficient solution by safeguarding your home during both the hot summer days and frigid winter months. You get a clear view through windows while enjoying the benefits of improved insulation from heat loss or gain.

This Smart glass windows project are installed with our high transparent Smart Film products. Super high clarity smart film is laminated between two pieces of tempered glass, after lamination, the finished smart glass windows are still with high transparency.