Product Description
Type: Car smart film
Use: Window Stickers
Material: PET,ITO
Size: 0.12mm
Color: Grey,black ,White etc
Power Consumption: 4W/㎡
Input Voltage: 12/24VDC
Working Voltage: 40~60VAC
Storage temperature: -20℃(24h)~70℃(2h)
Transparency when on: 85%(+/-1%)
Warranty: 2years
working tempreture: -40~75℃
Max width: 1500mm

Smart tint film working principle:
When power on, it is transparent. When power off, it is translucent/opaque to protect privacy instantly.
1)Effective heat blocking: Smart film for cars efficiently blocks a significant amount of heat generated by infrared rays, ensuring a cooler interior temperature.
2)UV ray protection smart film: Provides effective UV ray blocking, protecting you and your passengers from harmful sun rays and preventing skin damage.
3)Energy-saving fuel consumption smart tint film: Contributes to energy efficiency and helps optimize fuel consumption by reducing the temperature inside the car.
4)Privacy and safety electric smart tint : Offers enhanced privacy, allowing you to enjoy a sense of security while driving or parked. Provides a shield against prying eyes and potential theft attempts.