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  • switchable film for partition

    switchable film for partition

    switchable film for partition

  • privayc lcd glass

    privayc lcd glass
    Power on,it is transparent, powe roff,it is frost. people can control lcd smart glass from opaque to transparent by a simple flick of a switch with less than 1 second,also can be remote control

  • lcd privacy films

Switchable film Self-adhesive has a special adhesive film laminated on one side of the Smart Film. It can be easily applied to an existing glass when a customer does not want to replace the glass. The basic function of Self-adhesive film is exactly same as Smart Film and Smart Glass.

With smart PDLC film applied on glass curtain, sunshine house, living room and bathroom compartment. The glass is in a cloudy state when power off, which protects privacy, and when it turns to transparent, one may fully bathed in sunshine. It can block 99% UV.

With smart PDLC Film applied on Glass display window, protect the products when it is non-transparent, and may used for projector to show products video as projection screen; when it is transparent, it may be used for store advertising.

Generally speaking,Smart PDLC Film can be applied on the glass existing.

Product warranty:

Smart PDLC Film : 2 years without human destroy factors.

Power transformer:1 year without human destroy factors.