Excellent project for High Level Office with our Switchable Glass Projects

Below pictures are switchable film for high level office projects:

We are a professional manufacturer dedicated to researching and developing high quality PDLC switchable film, self-adhesive PD-LC switchable film, and laminated PDLC switchable glass for window glass pane and partition wall glass pane in architectural and interior design application based on the innovative light switchable polymer liquid crystal technology and the state-of-the-art roll-to-roll manufacturing facilities to produce excellent and reliable products.

Cost effective Have you ever thought about how having changeable Switchable glass can actually save you money? It can be a way of blocking out direct sunlight from a room, minimising the need to use air conditioning to keep the room temperature cool. Not only does it help to stabilise the temperature of the room this way, but by reducing the amount of sunlight entering an area for a certain period of time, there’s less risk that fabric and furniture placed near windows will fade and have to be re-upholstered or replaced.