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smart glass in the office

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Switchable Privacy glass

Switchable privacy glass ,also named smart glass, switchable glass, electric privacy glass, electric glass,PDLC Glass . It is Laminated glass .

Structure: Float glass+EVA+PDLC FILM/SMART FILM+EVA+Float GLASS, sandwich layer.

Thickness can be 4mm+4mm,5mm+5mm, 6mm+6mm,8mm+8mm, 12mm+12mm .

Switchable Insulated Glass, it is hollow glass with air gap. Float glass+EVA+PDLC FILM+EVAL+Float glass+3A/6A/9A/12A/18A/20A/22A +Float Glass.

It is with insluated glass function, saving energy, low the temperature ,also with switchable, projectable and dimmable  function.

Switchable glass is totally customized product. Max width:1.82m ,length :3.2m.

switchable glass in the officeswitchable glass in the office on

smart glass in the officesmart glass in the office on

Switchable glass advantages :

Privacy: By having the ability to switch from transparent to opaque as needed, switchable glass partitions can provide differing levels of privacy throughout the day.
Safety and security: The capacity to switch between transparent and opaque partitions can help temporarily seal areas from prying eyes during confidential procedures.
Conserving power: Heat from solar rays often requires cooling systems to work overtime in glass-paneled commercial and residential buildings. However, switchable glass allows users to change the transparency of the glass according to the differing levels of sunlight throughout the day, helping prevent external light from heating the building too much.
Easy to Clean: Smart glass can be sterilized more easily and thoroughly than traditional privacy screens and curtains.
UV and IR radiation protection: Much like its ability to block out differing levels of sunlight throughout the day, smart glass can also protect your building against harmful UV and IR rays without causing facility owners to rely on permanently opaque glass.
Fewer design elements: Smart glass necessitates fewer design elements, like blinds or curtains, to block out light and solar radiation.
Versatile: Switchable glass can be installed in virtually any residential, commercial, or governmental facility.
Multifunctional: Along with its wide variety of design functions, switchable glass can serve as an HD projection screen as needed.