Switchable Glass for Commercial Spaces

Luxury Restaurant

Making an impression on your customers or even your own team was never as easy. Switching from transparent glass to translucent glass at the flick of a switch was only in the movies. Now you can have it with switchable privacy glass .

Selective privacy areas are crucial in many spaces. Have you been struggling here?

Blinds are cumbersome to use and curtains are not elegant. You need something smart. Swytchglas panels replace blinds and curtains quite elegantly and efficiently, letting you choose from transparent to translucent with the flick of a switch.

PDLC Technology Switchable glass and switchable film are also suited to the hospitality domain right from restaurants to pubs, bars and clubs, business centres and conference facilities alike. It can serve as a suave and high-tech replacement to traditional curtains, blinds and translucent walls.