Transparent LED Screen Film

LED transparent film screen, mainly used for architectural glass curtain wall, used to display high-definition pictures, with high transparency, ultra-thin characteristics. The traditional LED display is installed on the outer wall of the building, which completely blocks the outdoor light. The weight of the screen itself tests the safety of the building itself, and may also affect the appearance of the building itself. The transparent LED film screen is integrated with the building in appearance, does not affect the original style of the building, and does not affect the lighting of the building. It has the characteristics of light weight and thin screen, and has obvious technical advantages in the field of architectural media.

transparent led film screen

transparent led film screen

Features of transparent film screen:

Adhesive LED Film Display
Ultra-thin and ultra-light: the thickness is about 3mm, and the weight is 2~4kg/square meter
High permeability: The structure is very simple, and the permeability is as high as 85% or more
Easy to install: just stick the screen lightly, and then connect the signal and power
Wide viewing angle: 140° horizontal and vertical viewing angles, wide viewing range, no color cast
Cost saving: no steel structure is required, and the appearance of the building can be changed, effectively saving transportation and installation costs.

Good quality transparent led display filmApplication scope of LED transparent film screen:

A. Building glass wall, city landmark high rise
b. Glass windows of shops along the street.
c. Glass windows for banks, real estate, automobile 4S shops, etc.
D. subway entrance
E. Lighting project: guardrails and high-rise buildings along the river can be used only by pasting our company's film screen.
F. Interior decoration: decoration of various brand stores in large shopping malls, demonstration walls of exhibition halls on each floor, usually used to decorate glass, and video demonstrations can be played when there are guests.

Advantages of LED film screen:

1. Lightweight, ultra-thin, high transparency

2. The appearance is simple and beautiful, improving the grade of the aren

3. Bendable to adapt to the arc structure of the area

4. There are no components on the screen, the power supply is hidden, safe and reliable

5. Waterproof, fireproof, anti-collision, not afraid of external factors

6. The principle of needle tip heat dissipation, strong heat dissipation, no heat accumulation, long life

7. The playback picture is clear and the energy saving is up to 30%

8. Static drive, high refresh, high brightness

9. Easy to install, just one sticker

10. Fast operation, remote control

LED transparent film screen installation
Tear off the centrifugal mold of the screen module, stick the screen on the glass in turn, and then connect the power supply and signal for debugging. In addition, through the variant, there can be fixed installation, hoisting, magnetic installation, etc.

Transparent LED Film installation instructions

The transparent LED display film is self-adhesive, so it can be easily attached to the existing railing glass or window surface without any complicated additional steel structure. This makes the installation extremely convenient, does not require complicated construction, saves labor costs, and the wiring of power and signals is also very easy and can be hidden naturally. This is a great innovation to the glass. It adds a rich visual experience without having to renovate the glass space vigorously.