What is smart window tint? Smart tint, or smart glass, is a type of switchable smart glass that can change how dark or how opaque it is depending on the amount of light that is shining on it.

Get instant privacy and security with our revolutionary switchable smart window film.Smart film or privacy film can be applied directly to a smooth glass surface as an adhesive as a window film. This smart tint provides a way of transforming existing glass with either self adhesive or non-adhesive options.

Liquid Crytal Windows are the next generation in switchable glass that can replace an automatic blind, preserving natural views and filtering out harmful uv rays. It is also dimmable with a button or command or the click of a switch. They are easy to install and blocks 99 percent of harmful UV radiation and unlike electrochromic smart tint, Liquid Crystal windows are always clear, allowing natural light to enter the room.

Smart window tint is a new form of glass that can darken or lighten itself to regulate the amount of heat and light that enters a building. This type of glass is not only energy efficient, but it also provides privacy when needed and can reduce glare. The future of smart tint appears to be promising as more and more buildings are beginning to incorporate this type of glass into their design.