Now we develop many colored switchable pdlc film for market, colorful switchable film with LCD colored technology,it is different from ITO colored technology . The cost is much more expensive than ITO colored PDLC Film. Blow pictures are LCD Colored Switchable PDLC Film ON/OFF state for reference.
White PDLC Film
White PDLC Film
Black Smart Film
Black Smart Film
Red smart tint
Red smart film
Grey Smart Film
Grey Smart Film
Green Electric tint
Green Electric tint
Blue Switchable Film
Blue Switchable Film


Our company had been in PDLC(Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal) Technology industry for more than 20 years. As PDLC Technology Product(PDLC Smart film and PDLC Switchable glass) Developer and Manufacturer, We had produced high quality and excellent PDLC Film and Switchable Glass product for the market more than 10 years’ experience.we have our own Professional and Excellent Team.

Who we are?

Professional Manufacturer & Factory of PDLC Switchable Film and Smart glass with more than 20 years’ experience.

Products are:Switchable film for lamination, Switchable self adhesive Film,Switchable Glass

Our philosophy

Our company will always stick to the target of high quality, good faith, unique brand and long-term development.The corporate philosophy is to direct our efforts based on our client’s wishes.

We are good at

PDLC Technology Development
Switchable Film Manufacturing
Switchable Glass Manufacturing
PDLC Technical Support

PDLC Technology Development

Manufacturing Experience

Color of PDLC Film

Product Patents


Our skills: developping new PDLC Technology product for the market and clients. Manufacturing switchable film and switchable glass as customers and projects’ request.
Our service: PDLC Technology support, OEM and ODM Of Switchable Film and Smart glass products. Offer design and  PDLC product installation Technical support,Good after-sale service.


Smart switchable glass/film is suit for Automotive sun and moon roofs, skylight controls, privacy windows for conference rooms, executive offices, tradeshow exhibits and command centers, bullet-proof security glass, hospital privacy/restriction of view, bank teller windows and automated teller security windows, special effects for the entertainment industry, ultra-modern residential and commercial blind applications, outdoor advertising and rear projection.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding the design or manufacturing of our Switchable PDLC FILM and Smart Glass or any of our glass & film products, please call or fill out the form below and one of our Sales Representatives will be glad to assist you.

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