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color change magic glass

color chang magic glas for office

changing color magic glass

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DICHROIC FILM Dichroic glass


This effect is incorporated in films by using a simple yet unique process called micro-layer technology. The reflection of visible light creates a separation of prismatic colors and by the fluctuation of sunlight or simple light obstruction when people or objects block light. While specific prismatic color patterns are created by the light transported through the window, throughout the day inside buildings.

The Dynamic Effect makes the color relocate when viewed from different angles. This happens with the use of Multi-layer optical film technology. The colors in transmission and the reflected colors are always different.

Applications – Can be applied to glass partition walls, shower door glass, shading fins, balustrades, exterior glass, artistic glass, and glass furniture.

The film offers maximum flexibility, you can cut it, bend it, pattern it or apply it with different glass types of interlayer adhesives.

Printer took a galley of type and scrambled it to make type specimen book has survived not only five centuries.

Dichroic glass  is a kind of glass whose color can be changed according to the top angle of direct sunlight and the angle of the observer’s position.

The color effect of Dichroic glass is produced in the process of processing metal film coating.

Dichroic glass : Dichroic glass is a decorative coated glass product, and the off-line coating technology is adopted. By plating multi-layer metal and oxide films and applying the principle of optical interference, the colorful effect of various colors will appear with the change of viewing angle, which can meet the design requirements of the designer and achieve the purpose of decoration effect.

Features of Dichroic glass:

1. Color change can be generated according to different viewing angle and sunlight conditions

2. High scratch resistance, chemical resistance, easy to clean

3. With artistic feeling and fashion aesthetic feeling, the finishing touch of home decoration, strong processing and toughening

The glittering and translucent, Dichroic glass is simple but not simple. It is not only the furniture spirit dancing light and shadow, but also the art of modern fashion. In modern home decoration, it is a very expressive space element.

4.The low refraction metal oxide coating can produce vivid color changes according to different viewing angles and sunlight conditions. Based on its hardness, scratch resistance and high chemical resistance, Dichroic is more durable, easier to care and clean than traditional glass.

color change magic glass

Dichroic glass advantages

1)Dazzling effect – impressive color effect (yellow blue, green purple, orange blue, blue gold, green pink, etc.);

2)Advanced processing technology, using off-line coating technology, can process large size, and processing size is flexible, to meet customer needs to the greatest extent;

3)The color and hue of the coating surface and the glass surface are the same, and they have the same dazzling effect both indoors and outdoors;

4)With Artistry – impressive dazzling color appearance, combined with architectural design, can make the building have a higher artistic appreciation.

5)Stability: Dichroic glass has high hardness, scratch resistance and excellent chemical stability;

Application scope

Dichroic glass is especially suitable for landmark buildings, such as office buildings, museums, opera houses, theatres, cinemas, shopping malls. Room partition, door, screen, and guardrail. Its effect is highly recognizable, so it can also be used in shops, restaurants, casinos and so on. It can meet the bold design requirements of architects, artists and designers, so as to convey their design ideas and artistic inspiration.

The maximum processing size is 2440 * 4600mm, and the maximum processing thickness is 19mm.