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Electric Heating Glass

Electric heating glass, also known as electrical heating glass, anti-fog glass. It consists of two parts: toughened glass, transparent electrodeposited embedded layer, and toughened glass embedded with electrodeposited film. Toughened glass can be flat or bent steel. When the power is on, the glass itself will be heated, its thermistor is connected with the temperature control system, and the surface temperature can be adjusted automatically.

Intelligent electric heating glass, generally speaking, is the glass that can be electrified and heated, also known as “electric heating laminated safety glass”. A transparent conductive film is plated on the surface of a single piece of float glass and laminated with another piece of float glass.

The electrothermal film is sandwiched on the inner surface of the laminated glass and leads out the electrode. After the power is connected, the heating film layer generates heat energy, so that the glass temperature rises to 30-50 ℃, which can be used for melting ice and snow on the building daylighting roof, indoor heating, anti condensation, anti condensation and other functions.

The power supply voltage can be 36-220v according to different use requirements. The product adopts unique safety design, and temperature control switch is added to realize independent constant temperature control, safe and reliable.

Electric heating glass uses low voltage, low power consumption, safe and assured.

Working principle of electrically heated glass:

After the glass is electrified, the surface temperature starts to rise, and the rising temperature range is 35 ℃ – 40 ℃, so that the temperature of the heating surface of the glass is even or slightly higher than the surface temperature of the glass, so as to achieve the effect of no fog and frost.

ito heater transparent heaterElectric heating glass function:

(1) By heating laminated glass to achieve the effect of demisting and defrosting, the safety is good.

(2) Excellent optical performance: light transmittance ≥ 90%. The glass adopts the conductive wire and the heat-conducting film as the heating medium of the interlayer, the light has no emission and refraction phenomenon, so as to ensure that the objects seen by the line of sight can achieve a clear and real effect.

(3) Anti ultraviolet radiation function (electrodeposited glass). The glass used for electric heating glass has the characteristics of absorbing ultraviolet rays, which can reduce the ultraviolet rays entering the room and reduce the harm of people by ultraviolet radiation.

Product application:

1.Building lighting roof melting ice and snow melting glass, building interior partition heating, door and window heating, swimming pool, aquarium, window, greenhouse, winter garden, skylight heating, microclimate environment glass, etc.

2.Windows of ships, automobiles, trucks, winter service vehicles, military vehicles, first-aid vehicles, trains, cranes, bulldozers, forklifts and other anti condensation and defogging glass.

3.Refrigerated display cabinet, refrigerator door, freezer, material laboratory, screen protection in extremely low temperature environment, video monitoring lens protection glass, etc. It can also be used in indoor heating glass, anti condensation, anti condensation glass, and can keep indoor comfortable environment temperature and humidity.