PDLC Technology Developer

Switchable Film and Switchable Glass Manufacturer

Our company is a leading developer Of PDLC Technology .. We are also professional manufacturer of PDLC Film and Switchable glass product for more than 16 years.

Our main products : PDLC Film non adhesive type, PDLC Film self adhesive and PDLC  Switchable glass, power transformer and control systems.

PDLC Film and Switchable glass product can be made as client request. OEM and ODM are available. We have our own R&D Team and Labs.

Our mission is to provide good quality and competitive PDLC Film and Switchable Glass for clients all around the world.

Working History

PDLC Technology Development 95%
Switchable Film and Glass Manufacturer 80%
OEM and ODM 65%
PDLC Technology Support 50%


Two type:
Non adhesive type switchable film
Max width:1840mm
Self adhesive type Switchable film
Max width:1520mm

More Information About PDLC Product

Working Principle

pdlc technology work principle

PDLC technology work principle

When the power is switched off the liquid crystal molecules are randomly oriented scattering light and the our switchable Smart Film becomes opaque (frosted, private).

When the small electrical supply is switched on, the liquid crystal molecules align and incident light passes through and the our switchable  Smart Film instantly clears (transparent)


Two type: Non adhesive Type and Self adhesive type

Two Format:Roll and Piece format

Application:Non adhesive PDLC Film for Switchable Glass Lamination; Self adhesive PDLC Film for Existing Glass .

Available size: Non adhesive PDLC Film max width:1840mm,Length is no limits Self Adhesive PDLC Film Max width:1520mm,Length is no limits.

Available color:White,Black,Grey,Green,Blue,Yellow,Red(7colors)

Colorful PDLC Film

Smart Glass is a state of the art laminated glass with a liquid crystal PDLC interlayer sandwiched between two sheets of glass.

smart glass

Avaialble measurements
• Max width:1800mm
• Max length:3200mm
• Thickness:
• 3mm+3mm,4mm+4mm,5mm+5mm,6
• Glass type:Toughened glass,Float glass,
Extra clear glass,Hollow glass and so
• Color:Multi color

Smart PDLC Features:

&Liquid crystal components are organic and biodegradable

&Blocks over 80% of infrared and over 99% of ultraviolet radiation

&Reduces solar heat-gain, lowering energy consumption

&Very low power draw (equivalent to a clock radio)

&Reduces materials-consumption used to make curtains, shutters, blinds, projection screens, and dry erase boards

&Eliminates the need for dust-collecting draperies, blinds, or shutters, improving indoor air quality

&Proven service life of greater than 10 years (10-year old installations are still fully functioning)

Application Projects
• Automotive sun and moon roofs, skylight
• Privacy windows for conference rooms,
executive offices, tradeshow exhibits and
command centers,bullet-proof security
glass, hospital privacy/restriction of view,
bank teller windows and automated teller
security windows,
• Special effects for the entertainment
industry, ultra-modern residential and
commercial blind applications, outdoor
advertising and rear projection.