Electrochromic Smart Glass -Switchable Dimmable and Durable

Electrochromism refers to the phenomenon in which the optical properties (reflectivity, transmittance, absorption, etc.) of materials undergo stable and reversible color changes under the action of an external electric field, which is manifested as reversible changes in color and transparency in appearance. Materials with electrochromic properties are called electrochromic materials. Electrochromic materials are a new type of functional materials that have a wide range of uses in information, electronics, energy, construction, and national defense. Devices made of electrochromic materials are called electrochromic devices.

Electrochromic Smart Glas is new INNOVATION of electronically controlled dimming glass product made of glass using the photosensitive properties of EPC(electric polarized crystal), It can be used instead of curtains, freely adjust the light penetration effect, and choose the indoor light that suits you.

Electrochromic smart Film working priciple:

When an AC voltage is applied to the EPC(electric polarized crystal)film, the particles are aligned under the action of the electric field, and light is transmitted through. Glass can change from opaque (DARK) state to transparent state in 1 second in the visible light range, and from transparent to opaque (DARK) in 1-5 seconds, at this time, it can block more than 95% of visible light and absorb 99.9% of UV light.

The new Electrochromic smart EPC glass is the best choice for outdoor shading. It can meet the needs of indoor shading without losing an inch of outdoor scenery.

Elelctrochromic Smart Glass Advantages

Good shading: it is in a light-transmitting state when energized, and can absorb 99% of visible light when it is not energized.

One-button control: Transparency and darkness are converted into each other, and remote control is easy to control.

Fast transitions: state transitions can be completed within 1 to 5 seconds.

Two effects: blocking light and expanding the field of view can be achieved on the same piece of glass.

The light changing by ourselves: the light transmission rate can be gradually adjusted, and the light transmission can be freely controlled.

Good thermal insulation: can block 99.9% of ultraviolet radiation, high thermal insulation performance.

Strong weather resistance: the operating temperature is -35C°~85C°, suitable for various climatic conditions.

Energy saving: reduce energy usage costs such as cooling costs, heating costs, lighting costs, etc.

Comfort Protection: Increase the comfort of the space and protect the internal items.

Popular Suitable application scenarios

Electrochromic smart spd dimming glass can be used in building exterior walls, exterior windows, skylights, skylights, sun rooms, partition walls, etc. Its laminated glass offers a unique combination of sustainable regulation and safety. It can be controlled manually or automatically, and can be customized in size and has a wide range of applications.