Switchable PDLC Film Advantages

switchable pdlc film and switchable glass advantages

Switchable Lamination Film

Switchable Lamination Film For Fabricators and Glass Manufacturers – Changes From Clear to Opaque Instantly. Switchable lamination film is a switchable interlayer suitable for glass manufacturers and custom applications. Switchable Glass structure:   Glass size and film size advice: Smart glass lamination steps:      

Smart PDLC Film application

  Switchable Privacy Glass- Advantages Save energy Smart glass technology minimizes heat transfer. Helps reduce your heating and cooling costs by up to 40%!   Reduce sound Smart glass acts like a buffer against noise pollution from the outside world, so you can enjoy  peace and quiet in your home or office. Cut down on clutter Eliminate…

Switchable Film Format

Smart Film Roll, pdlc film roll, switchable film roll,lcd film roll

Switchable Adhesive Film

PDLC Self adhesive smart film