Bottomless Abyss Mirror,Melaleuca mirror

In addition to the conventional one-way visual function, the one-way mirror glass can also be combined with LED lights and tempered glass to form a new type of intelligent light-emitting product. , so it is named the abyss mirror, also known as the thousand-layer mirror, bottomless abyss mirror.

Abyss Mirror Structure:
The frame base is usually made of stainless steel, LED light strips, tempered glass, one-way glass, and the LED light strips can also be replaced with neon lights, and some luminous characters can also be designed. The whole of the abyss mirror is similar to a box.
Abyss mirror production process:
1. The material of the base can be optional, and the frame can be customized according to the needs during production.
2. After confirming the shape, complex graphics can be carved into the desired shape with a special-shaped edging machine.
3. Put the neon lights in the appropriate position according to the size of the edge, and then connect the power supply and paste it on.
4. Finally, glue the one-way glass to the bottom frame with glass glue.

The melaleuca mirrors adopts complex technology, uses glass, LED, metal frame and acrylic materials, and uses the principle of reflection and refraction of lenses and light to create a dreamy abyss effect on the plane. The unfathomable tunnel display effect is impressive. It is suitable for high-end atmosphere decoration of high-end shopping malls, brand stores and entertainment restaurants.

The melaleuca mirrors can be installed on the wall or the floor, and can also be used as an independent item to place exhibits or LOGO, forming a gorgeous display effect.
How the Abyss mirror works:
The abyss mirror is made by relying on the principle that light can be refracted. When the light strip is connected to electricity, the light emitted will produce a ghost image of the light source behind the one-way glass. Since the thousand-layer mirror is made of one-way glass, it can reflect most of the light and let a small part of the light refract. The light will always repeat the reflection cycle between the one-way glass and ordinary glass, so the effect of infinite extension is produced.
Its rich and diverse patterns and unique shapes are also one of the reasons why it is popular with the public. The decorative effect is very good, and the design elements are diverse. It is also suitable for installation in places where Internet celebrities check in and take pictures, and has a long service life. The unique product features of the thousand-layer mirror are also suitable for use in some squares, scenic spots, and public places in parks.

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