Residential Application

Windows and Skylights

When you choose Switchable windows i.e smart glass windows , you benefit on multiple fronts – you have the flexibility of doing away with curtains and other obstructions to your view and also the comfort of blocking heat and the glare when you need to, saving air conditioning costs during summer.

Let the moonlight in at night and bathe your room in soft sunlight during the day – only with  Switchable glass

 Walls and Partitions

Get your transparent glass walls the smart glass advantage. You can turn OFF for complete privacy and ON when you need visibility. smart glass solutions are best for houses where transparent or translucent glass walls lend the décor a rich and suave feel.

Switchable Film and Glass Benefits:

  • Normally made from extra clear glass
  • Wide variety of colour tints of glass are possible
  • Works with a remote control device
  • Activates in less than 10 microseconds
  • Blocks off UV rays that are harmful
  • Works in temperatures from 10° to 55°C
  • Blocks up to 50% light in“Off”mode
  • Lasts a minimum of 20,000 cycles
OEM and ODM Service
Multiple Shapes, Sizes and Colors Available

Each piece of Smart Glass is bespoke, so whatever your specification, we manufacture to order providing the perfect design solution. Colors shown reflects the opaque or tinted state.

one of CE  Listed switchable film and smart glass products on the market.