Smart PDLC Film applications as follows:

*In the office

Applied to the glass enclosure of a conference room. When the glass is transparent, one can see into or out of the room, and when it is non-transparent it can be used as a projection screen.Energy-saving function of glass curtain wall.

*Indoor decoration of up-scale residence

With smart PDLC film applied on glass curtain, sunshine house, living room and bathroom compartment. The glass is in a cloudy state when power off, which protects privacy, and when it turns to transparent, one may fully bathed in sunshine. It can block 99% UV.

*Product display and commercial advertisement

With smart PDLC Film applied on Glass display window, protect the products when it is non-transparent, and may used for projector to show products video as projection screen; when it is transparent, it may be used for store advertising.

Generally speaking,Smart PDLC Film can be applied on the glass existing.