Smart Glass Price

Laminated Smart glass is one type of laminated glass which pdlc smart film is laminated between two pieces of tempered float glass.

As we all know that tempered glass can not be re-cut,when the float glass is tempered, when cut the glass,the glass will break down.

Then once smart glass is finished,it also can not be re-cut.

Following factors effect Smart glass price.

1.Clear smart glass or extra clear smart glass.

2.Size:width*length*thickness ,gernerally speaking, the larger size, the thickner and the price is much more expensive.

3.Glass shape. If odd shape switchable glass,then the production will be more complexiable. the cost is going up.

4.Purchase quantity. As we all know that large purchase quantity,the price can go down.

5.Packge : Switchable glass package is full sealed wooden crates .it is very stable for transportation.then the cost will be higher than low package.

To make Quotation ,we will need offer the following information.


2.CAD drawing is better

3.Control area

4.Purchase quantity

available smart film piece shape