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Privacy Smartglass

Now privacy smartglas is more and more popular for the buding windows decoration.

with the switchable and magical value features, privacy smartglass is very hot products for the interior and outerior decoration projects.

When no power, the privacy smartglass is frost and opaque state,then smart glass can protect interior privacy ,no one can see inside from outside, at same time, privacy smart glass can block 99% UV harm rays,80% red frared rays.Protect the furnitures against the sunlights.

When with power, the privacy smart glass is transparent state, then its transparency is about same with standard glass,at same time, smart glass always can block UV rays and red frared rays.


Two types smart glass:

Laminated smart glass, it is one type laminated glass, smart film is laminated between 2 pieces of glass, sandwich structure.

Laminated smart glass structure: Flat glass+EVA Film+Smart film+EVA Film+Flast glass.

Insulated smart glass. it is IGU glass, it can be used for  outerior glass wall application. With lazy air between the glass, then it can save a lot energy.