Switchable LC Privacy Glass

Switchable glass for modular partitioning & locations that require privacy.

Switchable smart LC Privacy glass – often known as smart glass, intelligent glass or switchable glass – is ideal for providing opaque glass on demand in commercial buildings and residential properties.

Magic PD-LC technology is a thermal and sound-insulating laminated glazing solution incorporating a liquid crystal film that can manage transparency on demand, changing instantly from clear state to translucent, and vice versa.

The liquid crystals align when the electrical current is switched on, causing the glass to turn transparent instantly. When the power is switched off, the glass has a naturally opaque appearance, blocking vision (total privacy), yet permitting light to pass through (translucent).

our switchable privacy glass, switches between transparent and opalescent states instantaneously and silently, which removes the need for blinds or curtains.

Switchable smart glass offers the perfect blend of privacy and freedom. It offers a sleek, sophisticated interior or exterior solution that switches between transparent and opalescent states instantaneously and silently, eliminating the need for curtains or blinds. The privacy glass completely obscures the view without compromising light transmission, reducing the need for, and cost of, artificial lighting.

Smart glass also has a highly effective rear-projection surface – making it ideal for office spaces and meeting rooms.

Our switchable glass has low power consumption (only 0-3 W/m2, depending on state), with long-term durability and reliability with no maintenance costs.

Switchable glass is ideal for a wide range of applications where a transparent to opaque glass is required. Interiors: Partitions, doors and sliding doors, floor panels, counters, display cases, screens etc. Back-projections screens / multi-media walls. Exteriors: Windows, single or double glazed facades. Opaque back projection screens / multi-media walls.

The glazing is delivered in the required dimension.

No further cutting or drilling is possible.

In the event of a hanging screen, the anchor holes have to be drilled previously during production and located in a zone without LC film.

Electrodes and cable exits
Depending on the size of the glass-pane, both electrodes can be positioned either on top, at the bottom, on the right or left side, with the exit of the cable at the centre of the electrodes’ side.