PDLC Technology Developer and PDLC Film Product Manufacturer

Our company is a professional developer and provider of PDLC Smart Film and Smart Glass products used mainly in the Architecture and Automotive industries  which is one of the oldest companies in PDLC industry.


By the use of switchable glass or switchable film, you can take your windows from traditional more to technological one with a click of a button.
With Switchable glass you can enjoy the new no curtains look that you love without losing the privacy that you deserve. Not just for commercial or office use, switchable glass and switchable film has a wide range of uses in residential application as well.

Switchable film and switchable glass products let you the ability to change from complete privacy to clarity with the flick of a switch. Using switchable glass or switchable film in interiors for aesthetics and in exterior designs for privacy control.

Switchable Glass or Smart Film help to lower lighting costs, reduce glare and help control interior temperatures. Protect costly home furnishings and the privacy of your visitors or customers with our switchable film and switchable glass products.

We have our own professional R&D department and the experienced QC team to test and check the products.Our accumulated know-how, continued investment in research and development allow us to provide the best products and service to our partners and distributors all around world.


  1. Exploring and developing PDLC Technology..

  2. Offering PDLC smart film and switchable glass with high quality and competitive price for clients.

  3. Offering technical support to clients to finish the PDLC Film/Switchable glass project perfectly

  4. Let our clients make money through using our Smart film/Switchable glass products.

  5. Making buildings more green and energ saving through using our PDLC Smart film and Switchable glass


By the use of switchable glass or switchable film, you can take your windows from traditional more to technological one with a click of a button.

PDLC development - 21 years
Manufacturing PDLC Film - 16years
Manufacturing Smart glass - 16 years
Technical support- 10 years


adhesive smart film.PDLC Film

Smart PDLC (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal )film is a product which is a kind of high-tech product can switch from transparent to opaque instaneously under electrictiy application. It is transparent when power on and it is opaque when power off. It can be regulated and adjusted the light transmittance pass through the film by electrictiy supply.

Lamination Film for Glass

Switchable Lamination Film For Fabricators and Glass Manufacturers – Changes From Clear to Opaque Instantly

lamination film is a switchable interlayer suitable for glass manufacturers and custom applications.

Self-adhesive Film(SF)

Smart Self-adhesive Film has a special adhesive film laminated on one side of the Smart Film. It can be easily applied to an existing glass when a customer does not want to replace the glass. The basic function of Self-adhesive film is exactly same as Smart Film and Smart Glass.

smart glassSwitchable Glass

Smart Glass is a laminated glass product consisting of a Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal (PDLC) film sandwiched between two layers of glass and two layers of conductive interlayers. The PDLC film is what allows you to change the visual appearance of the glass from opaque to clear on command (or dim anywhere in between).

Product Specification

PDLC Film Roll format

PDLC Film Color

PDLC Film Color

Available color: Black,Grey,White, Yellow,Blue,Green,Red,Light grey,Dark grey 

PDLC Smart film Measurements

Adhesive type Roll:

Roll size:1.2m*30m ,Roll size:1.5m*30m

Non adhesive type Roll :

Roll size:1050mm*30m, Roll size:1250mm*30m, Roll size:1520mm*30m

Roll size:1840mm*30m

Smart Film Piece

Adhesive type: Max width:1.5m Length no limits

Non adhesive type: Max width:1.84m Length no limits

Size can be made as client’s request (OEM & ODM)

PDLC Film Piece

PDLC Film Piece

Smart PDLC Film Specification:

Black Color: ON/30±0.5%,OFF/1.2%

Blue Color:ON/62%±0.5%,OFF/4%

Pink Color:ON/65%±0.5%,OFF/4%

Grey Color:ON/63%±0.55,OFF/3%

Green Color: ON/62±0.5%,OFF/4%

White color:ON/80%±1%,OFF/3%

Smart Glass Measurements

Max width:1800mm Max length:3200mm

Thickness: 3mm+3mm,4mm+4mm,5mm+5mm,6mm+6mm,8mm+8mm

Glass type:Toughened glass,Float glass, Extra clear glass,Hollow glass and so on.

Color:Multi color