PDLC Smart Glass Technology

Smart Glass is a state of the art laminated glass with a liquid crystal PDLC interlayer sandwiched between two sheets of glass.


The seamless nature of laminate glass enables panels to be positioned side by side without the need for any vertical frames.  Ideal for glass walls and partitions, the switchable film is bonded between two layers of glass replacing the need for old fashion blinds or curtains.

Laminated glass composition can provide safety
The composition is a laminated glass. The interlayer with strong adhesive strength firmly stick 2 pieces of glass. It is hard to be broken, and even if it breaks there is no danger of glass fragment to scatter.



This is Switchable glass lamination process for reference.


Smart Glass Technology


Smart glass is intended to have the ability to control the amount of light, and heat,passing through. With a switch of a button on a wall orsmart phone app, the glass can change from transparent to completely opaque. Unlike blinds, smart windows are capable of partially blocking light while maintaining a clear view of what hides behind the windows.


Smart glass technologies included electrochromic, photochromic,suspended particle and liquid device technologies.

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