Smart Glass Technology

Make Glass building from Opaque to Clear by a simple flick

smart glassSmart Glass Technology

Smart Glass is a laminated glass product consisting of a Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal (PDLC) film sandwiched between two layers of glass and two layers of EVA Film interlayers. The PDLC film is what allows you to change the visual appearance of the glass from opaque to clear on command (or dim anywhere in between).


Technical data:

Test Parameter Situation Result Effect
Optical Test Visible Light tramission ON ≥80% High Transparency
OFF <4% Excellent Protect privacy
Haze ON <6% High transparency
OFF ﹥90﹪ Excellent protect privacy
Visual Angle ON 145° Wide angle
UV Blocking ON ﹥99﹪ Environmental protection material
OFF ﹥99﹪
Infrared Blocking ON ﹥20﹪ Environmental protection material
OFF ﹥80﹪
Solar Gain coefficient ON 0.79 Environmental protection material
OFF 0.06
Electrical Test Power Supply ON 65V±5v Safety power
Response time ON–﹥OFF 60MS fast reponse time
Energy Consumption ON 3.6w Low consumptionSaving energy
Size Thickness Thickness 3+3,4+4,5+5,6+6,8+8  Customized manufacture
Datas Working temperature ON/OFF -20℃-60℃
Storage Temperature ON/OFF -30℃-75℃
Life time(Indoor) ON/OFF >100000hours(20years) Long serivce life
Switch times ON/OFF >20000000 Long serivce life

Electrically Smart glass  Advantages

Privacy Smart glass, the electric PRIVACY switchable glass  is a glazing revelation. Opaque or Transparent, whatever you desire.

1.Privacy and security with architectural integrity

2.Ultraviolet radiation protection

3.Day-lighting control

4.Solar heat-gain control

5.Replacement for whiteboards and projection screens

6.Eliminates need for shutters, blinds, and drapes

7.Liquid crystal components are organic and biodegradable

8.Blocks over 80% of infrared and over 99% of ultraviolet radiation

9.Reduces solar heat-gain, lowering energy consumption

10.Very low power consumption(equivalent to a clock radio)

11.Reduces materials-consumption used to make curtains, shutters, blinds, projection screens, and dry erase boards

12.Eliminates the need for dust-collecting draperies, blinds, or shutters, improving indoor air quality

13.Proven service life of greater than 10 years (10-year old installations are still fully functioning)